Global Federation for Nepali Literature (GFNL)


Realizing the dire need to develop, preserve and promote Nepal literature internationally, 47 writers from 18 countries of the world founded the Global Federation for Nepali Literature (GFNL) on 13 July, 2010 on the occasion of the birth anniversary of aadikavi—the first poet—Bhanubhakta Acharya.

The Federation, founded with vows for commonality, transparency, mutual coexistence and solidarity, have now 27 branches, scattered in 20 nations of the world—Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Myanmar, Singapour, Romania, Malaysia, Spain, Nepal, India, UAE, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Belgium, Israel, Canada, France, South Korea and Taiwan. Exercises to extend the units to other nations of the world are going on.

In many nations, organizations of various levels are in operation for the promotion of literature. Feeling that more than independent and discreet efforts, a global network extending over all the seven continents of the world would be more fruitful, this initiative has been taken. Since the Federation is evolving to be a joint forum for all literary organizations and lovers of Nepali literature, organizations with independent existences too can become its members and be a part of its global endeavors. Half a dozen literary organizations have become its members till date, and the trend has been increasing each day.

Though we speak different dialects and use different scripts, Nepali is our lingua-franca. This language binds us in a web of unity. Literature written in any dialect or script, with pains, sorrows, happiness, experiences and feelings of a Nepali fall under the canopy of Nepali literature, and so, its expanse is obviously quite large and comprehensive. We all are rightful share-holders of such a literary firmament, and we bear the responsibility to enrich it. Since it is a federation by name, it incorporates all, and so, its jurisdiction is global.

As its memorandum empowers it to extend its membership to every country, town, village, street, group, community, university, college and even school, it is fast developing into the biggest network of Nepali literary stake-holders. The Federation considers that with the pervasive expanse of technology, the world has shrunk into a village. It maintains a cordial and balanced relation with every other language, script and literature. In order to correct the misreporting and informational slips in write-ups and information about Nepal and Nepalese, furnished by foreign writers in their works and books disbursed through any means, the Federation has constituted “Task Force for Correcting Information about Nepal”. In order to extend its reach to cultures and literatures of other languages, the Federation has remained quite alert. It has always been committed to the promotion of Nepali literature and Nepal’s esteem in the world, and has remained honestly active for the cause.

Few years ago, “Global open audio poem competition 2068” had been organized, and it was the first of its kind in the history of Nepali literature. Around 200 participants, from 19 countries, and 27 districts of Nepal took part in it. At present, the Federation is extending its reach to many other literary organizations, and is endeavoring to publish unique and qualitative works of literature.

Objectives of the Federation

(Bearing responsibility for Nepali Literature, Motherland, Land of Fortune, and their overall posterity)

a. Taking every necessary step to expand, develop, promote, encourage and inspire Nepali literature across the globe
b. Ensuring understanding, friendship, fraternity, harmony, good-will and cooperation among people of letters and patrons of literature all over the world
c. Establishing relations with various literary organizations for coordination and collaboration, and establishing affiliation with organizations with similar interest
d. Remaining committed for literary rights
e. Taking all necessary initiatives to uphold the dignity Nepali identity all over the world
f. Stressing on the need for quality writing for recognition and dignity of non-resident Nepali writers, urging the stake-holders for the same
g. Acquiring information and maintaining records about different Nepalese writers, literatures and literary organizations, and taking initiatives to identify and solve literary problems, if any
h. Establishing relations, as far as possible, with organizations and literary personnel from other linguistic communities of the world—both national and international
i. Taking up different programmes to promote literature of native Nepali languages including Parbate, Khas, and many other dialects and mother tongues

Global Nepali Literature Federation
Estd: 13 July 2010 (Bhanu Jayanti)

World Central Committee (2016-2019)
President: Biswasdip Tigela (UK)
Senior Vice President: Surendra Limbu (India)
Vice President: Sagar Shrestha (Nepal)
Vice President: Denzome Sampang (USA/Bhutan)
General Secretary: Dr Lekhnath Kafle (Taiwan)
Secretary: Kedar Sunuwar (UK)
Asst Secretary: Sunita Kandawa (Israel)
Organisation Secretary: Hari Siwakoti (Canada)
Treasurer: Sabitra Luitel (Isreal)
Asst Treasurer: Ramesh Kandel (Nepal)

Govinda Gautam (Russia)
Chandra Maden (Hong Kong)
Bijaya Hitan (UK)
Lakshmann Neopane (Myanmar)
Nabaraj Pokhrel (Rumania)
Amit Rai (Kuwait)
Mohanraj Khanal (Myanmar)
RI Sharmjibi (Belgium)
Rahul Rai Bogiko (Assam)
Nandalal Acharya (Nepal)
Dilip Sagar (Malaysia)
Ganendra Bibas (S. Korea)
KB Poudel (KSA)
Khagendra Adhikari (Nepal)
PS Nishchal (UAE)

Krishna P Shrestha (Russia)
Murariraj Sharma (UK)
Bikram Subba (Nepal)
Dr Madhu Madhurya USA

Organizations affiliated to the Federation
1. Udaudo Tara Sahitya Samaj, Penang, Malaysia
2. Online Nepali Sahitya Manch, Brueni/Britain
3. Nepali Sahitya Pratisthan, Hong Kong
4. Sarbada Bangmaya Sahitya Pratisthan, UAE
5. Prabasi Nepali Sahitya Samaj, Britain/Brunei

In order to promote and encourage literature by Nepalese writers, including those aboard including in South Asian Countries, besides those in Nepal, the Federation has proposed for honors and prizes to the writers of the best works in different genres including story, poetry, ghazal, muktak, plays, travel-essays, translation, literatures in mother tongues and dialects, and also to organizations with incredible literary contributions. The membership modes are general membership, national membership and life membership membership for a payment of NRs. 5000/ – (five thousand Nepalese rupees) and patron membership for NRs. 25000/- (twenty-five thousand only. Mulbato, the e-magazine, Sahitya Sansar, the quarterly in print, are publications that tabulate and publish the activities of the Federation. Besides, since we are also connected through Facebook, Twitter and Skype, communication with us is quite easy.

Lastly, a small assistance from you can prove quite instrumental in promoting Nepali literature world-wide. We therefore appeal you to consider the Federation your own, and volunteer to assist it, promote it and take its membership, in order to give a boost to its noble objective of promoting Nepali literature and Nepal’s dignity all over the world. We also appeal everyone to forward your kind and constructive suggestion and comments, and help us in any way—direct or indirect—so that we can achieve the collective target we have set for all of us.
Long Live Nepali Literature !

Global Federation for Nepali Literature (GFNL)
Global Central Committee
Skype: nepaliliterature

विश्व नेपाली साहित्य महासंघको विधिवत स्थापना

गत १३ जुलाई तदनुसार २९ असार २०६७ को दिन विश्वभर नेपाली स्रष्टासर्जकहरुले नेपाली भाषीहरुको एकताको प्रतिक आदीकवी भानुभक्तको जन्मजयन्ति मनाई रहेको दिनलाई शुभ साइत जुराएर विश्वभरका नेपाली स्रष्टा सर्जकहरुले विश्व नेपाली साहित्य महासंघको विधिवत स्थापना भएको घोषणा गरेका छन् ।

नेपालको समय बेलुकी ६ बजे स्काइपीको टेलिकन्फिरेन्स मार्फत साहित्यकारहरुले संयुक्त रुपबाट घोषणा गरेका थिए । उपस्थितीलाई सम्बोधन गर्दै मस्को रसियाबाट डा. मधु माधुर्यले आफ्नो मन्तब्य राखेका थिए । आपसमा पहिलो पटक नेट मार्फतको चिनजानले सबैलाई उत्साहित बनाएको थियो । विश्वभरका झण्डै डेढदर्जन देशहरुमा रहेका नेपाली साहित्यका स्रष्टा सर्जकहरुको सामुहिक सलग्नता रहेको यस महासंघको अन्तराष्ट्रिय केन्द्रिय समिति केन्द्रिय पार्षद सल्लाहकार र सम्बद्धता संस्थाहरुको नामावली समेत घोषणा गरिएको थियो ।

संस्थापक- भानु जयन्ति २०६७ राखिएको छ भने महासंघको अध्यक्ष डा. मधु माधुर्य रसिया, वरिष्ठ उपाध्यक्ष गोविन्द गिरी प्रेरणा अमेरिका, उपाध्यक्ष रमेश पौडेल काठमाण्डो, उपाध्यक्ष टंक सम्बाहाम्फे हङकङ, उपाध्यक्ष वीरभद्र ढोली कार्की सिक्किम भारत, महा-सचिव विश्वास दीप तिगेला ब्रुनाई/वेलायत, सचिव इन्द्र नारथुङे मलेशिया, साहित्य संचार संयोजक प्रदिप थापा मगर अमेरिका, संगठन सचिवः भोला शिवाकोटी पुरानोघरे भुटान अमेरिका, आर्थिक सचिव सुरेन्द्र इङनाम वेलायत, आर्थिक सह-सचिव शर्मिला खड्का काठमाण्डौ, सदस्यहरु शिब प्रकाश बोष्टन अमेरिका, सुरेसजंग शाह वेलायत, हरी शिवाकोटी क्यानडा, जीवन देवान गाउँले मलेशिया, गणेश खड्का प्रतिक्षा सेसेल्स, उमा सुवेदी इजरायल, सन्तोष नेउपाने बेल्जियम, देवेन्द्र सुर्केली काठमाण्डौ, सावित्रा काफ्ले अष्ट्रेलिया, केदार सुनुवार संकेत अफगानिस्तान, भिम के सी कमल पोर्चुगल, वसन्तमोहन अधिकारी युएइ, जितमान राई पेनाङ मलेशिया, गोवद्र्धन पुजा अमेरिका, तिर्थसंगम राई कतार, गोविन्द देवकोटा मस्को रसिया छन भने १९ सदस्य केन्द्रिय पार्षद र ८ सदस्य सल्लाहकार समिति लगायत सम्बद्धता लिने निर्णय गरेका ३ साहित्यिक संस्थाहरु उदाउदो तारा साहित्यिक समाज पेनाङ मलेशिया, अनलाइन नेपाली साहित्य मंच, नेपाली साहित्य प्रतिष्ठान हङकङको नाम समेत घोषणा गरेका छन् ।

नेपाली साहित्यको क्षेत्रमा ब्यापकरुपमा समेटेर निर्माण गरिएको सम्भवत यो पहिलो महासंघ हो । सामुहिक हितको लागि सामुहिक सक्रियतामा साहित्यिक संस्थाको स्थापना भन्ने मान्यताले स्थापित यस महासंघले संचालनमा रहेका साहित्यिक संघसस्थाको अस्थित्वलाई स्वीकार गर्दै सम्बद्धता प्रदान गर्ने र जुनसुकै साहित्यिक संस्थामा संलग्न ब्यक्ति पनि यस संस्थामा सहभागि हुन सक्ने बताएको छ । विश्वभरका प्रत्येक देशमा शाखा र सम्बद्धता प्राप्त संस्था निर्माण गर्ने लक्ष्य राखेको यस महासंघको चाडै नै विश्वभर शाखाहरु निर्माण हुने पनि बताएका छन् । यस महासंघको साधारण, राष्ट्रिय र आजीवन सदस्य रहने ब्यवस्था रहेको छ ।

लामो छलफल र बहस पछि महासंघ नामकरण गरिएको र हाल लोगो र बेभसाइट ठेगानाको बारेमा छलफल भइरहेकोले आ-आफ्नो विचार दिन अनुरोध गरेको छ साथै विधान मस्यौदा संयोजक महासचिव विश्वास दीप तिगेलालाई तोकेको छ ।

यस महासंघका उद्देश्यहरु यस प्रकार रहेका छन्ः

(क) विश्वभर नेपाली साहित्यको विस्तार विकास संबद्र्धन प्रोत्साहन र हौसलाको लागि आवश्यक कामहरु गर्ने ।
(ख) साहित्यिक ब्यक्तित्व तथा समस्त स्रष्टा-सर्जकहरु बीच आपसमा चिनजान मित्रता भातृत्व सहिष्णुता सद्भाव र सहयोगको अभिबृद्धि गर्दै सम्पर्क सेतुको काम गर्ने ।
(ग) देशविदेशमा रहेका विभिन्न नेपाली साहित्यिक संघ संस्थाहरु सँग समन्वय र सहकार्य गर्दै समउद्देश्य बोकेका संस्थाहरु संग सम्बद्धता कायम गर्ने ।
(घ) साहित्यिक हक अधिकारको लागि कार्यरत रहने ।
(ङ) नेपाली परिचयलाई देशविदेशमा सम्मानित र उच्च पहिचानयुक्त बनाउन आवश्यक कार्य गर्ने ।
(च) प्रवासी नेपाली साहित्यको पहिचान र सम्मानको लागि गुणस्तर साहित्यमा जोड दिदै सम्बन्धित निकायहरुमा आवाज र दबाब पुर्‍याउने ।
(छ) विश्वभरका विभिन्न मुलुकमा रहनु भएका नेपाली साहित्यकार साहित्य साहित्यिक गतिविघि र साहित्यिक संघ- संगठनको बारे जानकारी लिने अभिलेख राख्ने साहित्यिक समस्या तथा समाधानको लागि पहल/सहयोग गर्ने ।
(ज) विश्वभरका राष्ट्रिय तथा अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय भाषा साहित्यका संघ संगठन तथा साहित्यिक ब्यक्तित्वहरु संग यथासम्भव सम्पर्क र समन्वय गर्ने ।
(झ) नेपाली साहित्य (पर्वते, खस भाषा/नेपालीले बोल्ने सबै भाषा मातृभाषा (नेपाली साहित्य क्षेत्र हुन्) को श्रीबृद्धिको लागि आवश्यक विभिन्न कार्यहरु गर्ने ।

साहित्य महासंघको व्यानर तथा पृष्ठभूमिको रंगमा एकरुपता

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