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My experience of the visit to Shanghai World Expo 2010 (Ganesh Thada)

‘The world is being a real global village’! Preface Being a citizen of china’s close neighbor, I have heard a lot about China and read through Internet. While I was in UNMIL Mission in Liberia 2004, UNMIK mission in Kosovo during 2006-2008 and course period in Italy 2005, I get an opportunity to eye-witness about China’s trading influence in the world. After the nomination on this course, I went through some books & website. After having classes about China ABC here in the course, I got lot knowledge about China but still it was not enough. 2010.10.10 was the great day as it was the starting day of our tour to shanghai & Hangzhou. The tour gave us more clear pictures and concept of the Chinese development, diplomacy, its strategy and leading initiative role to built the harmonious world. General background In the journey of the human civilization, the people >>>